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Located on the edge of the Rocky Mountain foothills, northwest of Calgary Alberta near the Hamlet of Harmattan, Thunder Hill Equine is a small select breeder of the wonderful Drum Horse. Owned by the husband and wife team of Raymond Del Corro and Darcy Hawes we are striving to add to the Drum Horse population by using some of the best bloodlines possible. All our horses are carefully selected for conformation first, and are only enhanced by their pedigree's as an additional bonus. Our bloodlines include two World Champion Shire stallions, a Budweiser Clydesdale stallion, and several well known Gypsy stallions. The Drum Horse at this time is still considered a type and it is our vision to not only bring historical colours back to the heavy feathered horses, but to attain full breed status for the Drum Horse using the best Gypsy, Shire, and Clydesdale Horse bloodlines that we can aquire.

Darcy began riding at the age of five. She became the stereotypical horse crazy girl that lived and breathed horses. She spent many hours of her childhood trail riding Quarter Horses. She also read everything she could about horses and this is how she learned about the Traditional Cob in the United Kingdom and dreamed about owning one eventually. As a teenager she was introduced to a riding Clydesdale mare who enhanced her love of the feathered draft horses.

Ray is a city boy who had no idea about the change of direction his life would take when he first met Darcy. Since 2011 he has had quite the introduction to horses. From knowing nothing he has progressd from basic handling, to learning how to trim hooves and has even managed a horse packing trip into the Rocky Mountains.

It was with great joy, that while browsing through the internet Darcy discovered that Traditional Cobs had finally made it to North America. The Gypsy Vanner or Gypsy Cob as it is know in North America was within her reach. Even better was her discovery of the Gypsy/Shire/Clydesdale breeding efforts to create the Drum Horse. She could have all her favorite feathered breeds combined into one horse. It was the birth of DCF Arianna that cemented our decision to raise Drum Horses. The sweet, gentle personality of these horses combined with pinto colours and loads of mane, tail, and feather is a dream come true.

 Horses in the winter
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